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The services that Sistemi Quemme Technology provide are of need to integrate and supplement the partnership offer for the automatic machines manufacturers.

Products integrator

Our Technology, in the market for the past thirty years, is now able to introduce itself to its automation / distribution partners as a 'products integrator' for Moeller, Siemens or BTicino solutions and products.
We are firmly convinced that only through synergic actions between the client and its own automation/distribution partner, which would also involve “excellent suppliers”, it is possible to reach the innovation, efficiency, quality and competitiveness targets required by the market.


All the automation boards created by us are internally tested in order to inspect every point provided for by rule EN60204.
The board is supplied with the EC Declaration Of Conformity, the testing certificate showing the results of the tests been carried out, the electrical diagram and the basic components list. Our standard testing procedures provide for ‘dry runs’ and voltage tests. In particular, the following inspections are always carried out: 

Grounding connection inspections both for the control board and for the possible on-board orange peel 'grapples'. The inspection is certified with the printing of the test’s result.

Verification of the absence of a short circuit.

Insulation resistance inspection.

Voltage functional tests.

In cases of projects in which more interconnected electrical units are involved (board/s, console, junction box....) the test is carried out by taking care of the interconnections among the various units in order to guarantee the functions of the entire control machine system.

Set Up at the client

The assistance staff is at our clients’ disposal to support them in carrying out the electrical installation and the servicing of machines.
Our technical assistance staff’s professionalism and experience ensure results which meet the client’s expectations and are in line with the quality standards required by the market.

After-sales Technical Assistance

Our Technology is able to support its own clients:

to recover technical information of products integrated in our solutions

to supply documents of developed projects

to solve those problems which could arise throughout the life cycle of the machines been manufactured.

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