re-engineering study

Re-engineering study of a machine/system project aimed at reducing costs and/or the overhauling of performances

This type of service allows clients to carry out preliminary evaluations in reference to the electric part of control of their own machines/systems when it becomes essential to review their own range of products in order to recover the competitiveness on the global market.
Today this is a problem that is particularly felt in all the market sectors which refer to technology products; the ongoing development of new technologies at a wide spectrum of use and the constant increase of competition at a global level have led to a net reduction of the time with which it is necessary to review/renew one’s own range of products.
Always from the point of view of a full partnership with our clients, we provide them with this service as an opportunity to study possible innovative solutions to renew the control electrical part of their own machines/systems.

The service starts with a phase of technical/economic study of the current machine/system control solution and with the exact definition, agreed upon with the client, of targets for the re-engineering process. Subsequently, the components/technologies are identified, which under the point of view of the attainment of the set goals, they can be proposed for the adoption of the technical definition of the new solution and all its implications are analysed, with reference to various new possible controlling solutions.

Lastly, the best alternative controlling solution is defined, and the technical/economic implications are highlighted in relation to the goals set in a explicative document for the subsequent presentation to the client.

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