project development

Planning for the development of the machine/system control project

This type of service is the one that a client would request for the development of a project whose responsibility belongs to Sistemi Quemme. In this case, the interaction with the client takes place mainly in the initial phase, since the efficacy and the excellence of the project, going to be developed, greatly depend on the precision and completeness of the databases supplied to start the planning process.

All the planning services we offer are based on the use of the Electrical CAD, SPAC Automation 2012 and Eplan Electric P8.
As it is well known, this electrical CAD uses Autocad as a CAD 'motor'; this way we can manage even small Autocad files and this allows to easily exchange drawings of layouts and mechanical parts with our automation partners. Furthermore, through Autocad it is possible to exchange files in 'dxf' format (Data eXchange Format) coming from other CAD software.

The company has an information system which supports all the company departments that allow the data processing management of all the materials specifications based on projects. We have been collaborating for years with a company specialized in the creation of special carpentries on precise technical drawings.
This collaboration allows us to provide our clients with ‘personalized’ solutions also at the level of the carpentries adopted for the machines’ switchboards; this way, we are able to find solutions for the electrical set up of automatic machines in which it would be important to heavily reduce the overall dimensions of the electrical control units.

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