Documentation development

Development of the project documentation

Every time Sistemi Quemme is asked to develop a project, it makes itself responsible for the connected activities with the awareness that the excellence of the result obtained much depends on the quality levels of the documentation developed for the physical realization of the electrical control units.

For this reason, all our projects include:

a complete and exhaustive electric diagram which also includes topographic boards, organization of connectors and terminal boards, and possibly organized into different blocks for different electrical units which make up the control solution.
Electrical diagrams can also be supplied in an Acrobat Reader file or as a file of the previous versions of Autocad

a basic and accurate components specification is available for each control electrical set and can be supplied in two different printing formats : recapitulary per components codes been used or with reference to the abbreviations of the components used in the electric diagram.
All of the project documentation can be supplied in Excel and Acrobat Reader formats.

The project documentation allows a component to be identified in a simple, unambiguous and precise way, using its acronym, the functional diagram, inside the topographics or in the on-board connecting parts and in the basic specification. This type of 'surfing' per components acronyms in the project documentation is particularly useful for solving problems connected to the identification of spare parts.

In case of ‘standard’ solutions (boards and on-board machinery), that is for which the market requires frequent ‘small’ productions, we are able to develop personalized ‘wiring tables' which would allow to speed up production time of the electrical sets eliminating the necessity of consulting the functional diagram to carry out the wiring.

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