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My company is not able to develop the design of electric cabinets, how can I do?

We guarantee both the production and design, always in a professional and timely way.

Are you able to ensure the safety of your products?

We comply with the current standards CEI EN 61439 and are certified UNI EN ISO 9001. We provide advice on current rules of sector and new materials. Internally we have a testing department reliable and certified.

The complexity of our machines does not allow us to rely on inexperienced builders.

Our company works since 1974 in the field of electrical distribution and industrial automation, this has allowed us to acquire a high know-how of the industry. Our technical department is able to provide solutions to all your problems.

If we find a malfunction?

We have a service department that ensures velocity and professionally of the intervention.

How can I check the status of my order?

All orders received are recorded and scheduled by our computer application which lets you know in real time the progress of the work.

Why should my company outsource their electrical activity?

The outsourcer focusing its activities on the electrical part, has experience in the solution of many problems and interacting with the most advanced electronic and electromechanical suppliers of materials, while maintaining a special relationship with them. Thanks to this, your company has the confidence to always have leading-edge solutions at competitive prices.

Are you able to realize the management software of the machine and follow its startup?

Sistemi Quemme collaborates with professionals able to program different types of platforms and follow the startup of the machine.

Are you able to supply spare parts?

With our document management system, we are able to be traced back the components used and provide spare parts.

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